5 Interesting Facts about Careprost Eye Drops

5 interesting facts about Careprost Eye Drops

Let’s have a brief overview of Careprost before you proceed to learn about its facts.

An Overview of Careprost Eye Drops

Careprost Eye Drops is a widely adopted solution for dual purposes i.e. ophthalmic problems and Glaucoma. In the former case, the patient is suffering from Hypotrichosis while in the latter case, the patient is dissatisfied with the thinner and lighter volume of eyelashes.

Many Careprost reviews online read that it has been successfully treating open-angular Glaucoma as well as adds charm to the eyes and makes them beautiful by growing longer, darker and fuller eyelashes faster.

These eye drops contain Bimatoprost as the key ingredient which lowers down the fluid pressure levels in the eyes as well as slows down the resting time by boosting the eyelash hair growth. Only a doctor can prescribe the patient to buy Careprost online and use it for the desired treatment. It is the responsibility of the patient to get a complete set of instructions from the doctor, disclose the medical history, allergies and current medicines so that they can guide with precautions, warnings and safety instructions while using this eye care medicine.

Five Facts to Discover about Careprost Eye Drops

It’s a Make in India Medicine

No matter how popular is Careprost Eye Drops and Lumigan Eye Drop in the USA or overseas, it is an Indian-make medicine. This eye care drops are manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals in India who is found to be a principal maker of Careprost eye drops 0.03% for eyelash growth.

Bimatoprost is a magic ingredient

Bimatoprost is the key ingredient of Careprost. It is a prostamide basic which makes eyelash growth possible. Though it is not possible to describe the clear definite composition of the activity, this medicine impacts eyelash hair growth at advancement stage. At this anagen phase, the length of eyelashes is increased and the density of lash volume also seems better.

Excellent treatment for Eyelash Growth

Careprost Eye Drops is used for two different purposes, as discussed above. When its topical ophthalmic solution is applied to the upper eyelash base, it works brilliantly for eyelash growth. Women seeking beautiful eyelashes will never opt for fake eyelashes or mascara once they see the faster and promising growth by Careprost.

Careprost was not originally formulated for Eyelash Growth

You may wonder that “What an amazing formula is invented as Careprost for Eye Growth” but to your surprise, it was not created for this purpose. It was first made as a medicine for treating intraocular weight up in the patients having open-angular Glaucoma and Visual Hypertension.

The patients taking this eye care medicine then observed longer, darker and fuller eyelash growth faster than normal as a response of Bimatoprost. The makers of this eye drops were then inspired to use the active ingredients of this medicine to make the eyelashes look beautiful than ever.

A couple of clinical preparations were tried and finally, Bimatoprost received the support of the FDA for the treatment of thinner and lighter density of eyelashes.

A Better solution to achieve Permanent Dream Eyelashes

Besides Careprost Eye Drops, there are a lot of products available in the market which helps to grow eyelashes. As seen above, some may choose to go with fake eyelashes and mascara to beautify their eyes temporarily. But, many patients taking Careprost observed changes within a month of using this eye care drops. Their eyelashes started growing as expected within a short period only.

It has now become one of the popular treatments to achieve dream eyelashes with just a serum. Careprost enhances the presence of lash hair naturally and hence it is said to be a permanent solution to get stunning lashes without needing lash extensions or mascara.

So, want to buy Careprost online? Go for it! Careprost is available on our e-store icareprost.com. Consult your doctor & buy it as per your convenience.