Careprost Eye Drops – All you need to Know

Careprost Eye Drops – All you need to Know

Are you looking for eye care medicine for lash hair growth? Or do you suffer from open angular glaucoma? Careprost Eye Drops is a proven solution for this! It can work incredibly well whether you want to boost eyelash hair growth or reduce the fluid pressure levels in the eyes.

This read will make you explore all about Careprost Bimatoprost Eye Drops.

General Information

Careprost eye drops belong to prostaglandin analog class of medicines which serves the dual purpose of curing open-angular glaucoma as well as intraocular hypertension. This eye care medicine contains Bimatoprost as its major active ingredient in Careprost 3ML Eye Drops solution. As Careprost Eye Drops and Lumigan Eye Drops price is affordable, it is prescribed by the doctors. Careprost UK is also available for purchase.

What is Careprost Eye Drops used for?

  1. Open-angular Glaucoma

Careprost Eye Drops may be prescribed to the patients suffering from open-angular glaucoma which is a progressive condition leading to vision loss. This is because of the increased fluid pressure in the eyes and this strain may damage the optic nerves in the long run if not taken care of when the problem is identified.

This medicine reverses the effect of fluid pressure and is very soothing for the eyes. It relaxes the eyes and reduces the fluid pressure in the eyes thus reducing the risk of vision loss in the long run.

  1. Intraocular Hypertension

Careprost Eye Drops with Brush applicator is prescribed to treat intraocular hypertension. In this condition, the patient is having inadequate eyelash hair growth. Their lash hair is very lighter in volume and thinner.

Careprost Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution is used to promote hair growth of the upper eyelashes and helps them grow darker, longer and fuller. Thus, the patient no longer needs to make use of fake lash extensions or mascara as they will be able to achieve naturally voluminous lashes.

How to use Careprost Eye Drops?

A drop or two is applied by squeezing the bottle. When used to cure open-angular glaucoma, the drops are added towards the inner corner of the eyes. The medicine settles down in the eyes within a few minutes of its application. The dosage should be applied as and when prescribed by the doctor.

In the second case, when Careprost Eye Drops is used for eyelash growth, the solution is applied to the upper lash base carefully with an applicator brush. Care should be taken that the medicine is not applied to lower lashes in any conditions.

Side Effects of Careprost Eye Drops

Following are the commonly observed side-effects of Careprost Eye Drops:

  • Loss of Vision
  • Temporary Blurring of Vision
  • Double Vision
  • Color change in Vision
  • Change in Eye Color
  • Eye discharge
  • Mild to severe Headache
  • Increasing Hair Growth
  • Burning or Itching sensation of eyes
  • Redness or irritation in the eyes
  • Swelling Eyes
  • Pain in the eyes

Consult the doctor immediately if any of the side-effects appear.

Who should not use Careprost?

  • Careprost Eye Drops is not for the use of women during pregnancy, breastfeeding or lactation.
  • This medicine is strictly for the use of the patients above 16 years of age.
  • The patients allergic to Bimatoprost should avoid using this medicine.

Important Information

  • When used by women, they need to remove eye-makeup completely before applying to the upper lash base.
  • The patient needs to remove contact lenses before applying the eye-drops to avoid any eye infections.
  • As this medicine may cause temporary blurring of vision, driving, operating machinery or any other activity demanding focus should be avoided.
  • These eye care drops should be applied as per the doctor’s instructions. Overdosing should not be done in any case. In case if you miss the dose, apply the medicine as per the next schedule.

Hope you find this read helpful to get the needed information on this medicine. You may consult the doctor now and then buy Careprost online when you are prescribed for the respective purposes.