Careprost Ophthalmic Solution – Remedy to treat Thinner Eyelashes

Careprost Ophthalmic Solution – Remedy to treat Thinner Eyelashes


Careprost Ophthalmic Solution – Remedy to treat Thinner Eyelashes

Careprost Ophthalmic Solution is an excellent formulation to treat thinner eyelashes and make them grow, longer, stronger, darker and fuller. If you are looking for some medication that works magic on growing your dream eyelashes faster then Bimatoprost Careprost is the one!

Note: Though Careprost Eye Drops are prescribed for eyelash growth, it should only be used as and when prescribed by the doctor.

Anyways, let’s have a look at common eyelash problems faced by men and women these days.

When are thinner and shorter eyelashes observed?

  1. As the age advances
  2. During Menopause
  3. Due to hormonal imbalance or change in hormones
  4. When eyelashes are not handled gently or due to rough and vigorous scrubbing of the eyelids while removing makeup
  5. When you are allergic to any eye makeup products
  6. Frequent use of eyelash extensions
  7. Stressing a lot or inadequate sleep
  8. Cancer patients taking Chemotherapy drugs often observe thinner hair and lashes
  9. Poor hygiene
  10. Due to underactive/overactive thyroid, psoriasis, eczema or certain medical conditions

Having beautiful eyelashes is considered as a necessity these days. Women desire to have fuller and darker eyelashes for their eyes to seem more beautiful.

Why protecting eyelashes is important?

Besides being an element of beauty, eyelashes protect our eyes. Having great eyelashes is a sign of good health. Protecting the lashes should be done on a regular basis by keeping them clean and handling gently. 

There are several natural remedies to grow the dream eyelashes like castor oil, Coconut oil, Vitamin E capsules, Green Tea, Lemon Peel Oil, Vaseline and more. But, the resultant effect may take time to show up. Though it is understood that growing eyelashes in a natural way cannot happen overnight. However, Careprost Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution helps to grow the desired eyelashes in a faster way. 

How does Careprost Ophthalmic Solution work?

Careprost Ophthalmic Solution, a medicine belonging to prostaglandin analog class of medication works great for eyelash growth. While using Careprost for eyelash growth, the rest time of hair growth is reduced. The medicine fastens the hair growth process of the eyelashes so that thicker and darker eyelashes take no longer to appear. The medicine dosage should be considered as instructed by the doctor and should not be increased or reduced at your own.

What are the side-effects?

Like every medicine comes with its own set of warnings and side-effects, let us take you through some of the side-effects that may show up in some cases:

  • Blindness or Vision Loss
  • Blurred or Double Vision
  • Change in vision color
  • Change in Natural Eye Color
  • Discharge from Eyes
  • Headache
  • Increase in Eyelash Hair Growth
  • Itching sensation or Burning in the eyes
  • Redness or Swelling appearance in the eyes
  • Eye pain

How to apply Bimatoprost Careprost on Eyelashes?

  1. Applying Bimatoprost Careprost on eyelashes is very simple. Buy Careprost Online USA first. Make sure that you buy Careprost with a brush or Lumigan Eye Drops as it is to be applied on the eyelashes.
  2. Now take one applicator brush and squeeze the bottle until a drop of the medicine settles on the brush hair.
  3. Now close one eye at a time and move the brush gently on your upper eyelash base.
  4. Close your eyes for a few minutes once the medicine is applied.

Note: Careprost Eye Drops are not for the use of a lower eyelash base. Check complete warnings and usage instructions before utilizing Bimatoprost Careprost.

How to prevent eyelashes from thinning?

Some patients may have thinner eyelashes from the very beginning while some have harmed their growth using mascara – full of chemicals or eyelash extensions. Following are some points to be kept in mind in order to prevent eyelashes from thinning:

  • Follow a healthy and well-balanced diet
  • Use a mild cleanser to clean the eyelids and eyelashes
  • Avoid using cheap quality makeup
  • Remove makeup before bed
  • Avoid using lash curlers

Essential care should be taken for handling eyelashes because not just growing it is important but maintaining it is!

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