How to use Lumigan Eye Drops in the Right Way?

How to use Lumigan Eye Drops in the Right Way

Lumigan eye drops

Lumigan eye drops are prescribed to patients who are suffering from eye pressure. While prescribing this medicine, the patient is instructed by the doctor as to how much drops should be applied in a day. The patient should continue following the instructions given by the doctor.

We’re here with a brief guide on how to use the medicine correctly & treat glaucoma.

The common dosage is to apply the eye drops once in a day. It is better to apply them right before going to the bed so that the solution settles down in the eyes for a longer time to bring effects faster.

The Easy method for using Lumigan Eye Drops

  • It’s comfortable to apply Lumigan eye drops when you’re sitting or lying down
  • Before applying for the medicine, make sure you’ve removed the soft contact lenses
  • Wash your hands with soap or hand wash
  • Now gently pull down your lower eyelid to form a pouch or pocket
  • Tilt your head back & lookup
  • Make sure that the bottle tip remains untouched by hands to not get contaminated
  • Squeeze the bottle until a drop of medicine is released in the eye
  • Once the solution enters the eye, close it
  • Avoid blinking or rubbing your eyes
  • Once the solution is applied, place your index finger against the inside corner of your eye and press against your nose for about 2 minutes. This helps the medicine from being drained out of the eyes.
  • If applied during the day, keep your eyes closed for 15-20 minutes
  • Wash your hands again with soap & water to remove any residue

Important Information

  • Apply a drop of Lumigan in your eyes, as prescribed by the doctor. But, if you’re applying more drops 2nd time then wait for 5 minutes after applying once. In case, if you’re using two different drops, follow the order of drops prescribed by the doctor.

If you forget to use the drops, you can continue with the next dosage as prescribed. If you see any of the Lumigan side-effects, consult your doctor.