Things you need to know before trying Careprost Eye Drops

Things you need to know before trying Careprost Eye Drops

If your doctor has prescribed Careprost Eye Drops then you have arrived at the right destination. You may be suffering from either open-angular glaucoma (a progressive condition of vision loss) or intraocular hypertension (inadequate eyelashes). Reading this will make you understand the specifics of this medicine closely and you will come to know how it will be helpful to you.

General Information

Careprost Eye Drops is also popularly known as Careprost Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution as it contains Bimatoprost as the key ingredient. It is manufactured by Sun Pharma Pvt. Ltd. And is available as 0.03% dose.

6 Things to Know before trying Careprost Eye Drops

  1. It may darken the skin near your lashes

In most cases, eye care drops are to be applied daily. Some patients may find the skin itchy when it comes in contact with the medicine liquid. It may happen that the skin may slightly get dark near the lash hair and not to worry if this happens as it is temporary.

  1. Iris Pigmentation Color may be Changed

When Bimatoprost Eye Drops are applied to the eyes for open-angular glaucoma, it becomes ‘within-the-eye’ medicine. Thus, discoloration of the Iris may show-up in rare cases. Most patients using Careprost reviews that a slight color change has been observed after daily dosage of the medicine and this is because of the active ingredient Bimatoprost. So, you don’t need to worry if you observe a slight hue change in eye color.

  1. Eyes may be felt dried

Itching sensation or irritation in the eyes is one of the listed side-effects of Careprost Eye Drops and Lumigan Eye Drop. It is typically associated with people having a tendency for dry eyes or wearing contact lenses. The patient must remove the contact lenses carefully before using the medicine and put them back in the eyes after at least 15 to 20 minutes of using the eye drops to avoid irritation or dryness in the eyes. Don’t forget to use the lens solution on hand to get comfort while using lenses.

  1. Immediate lash growth may not happen

It can be undoubtedly said that Careprost Eye Drops with Brush is an amazing solution to stimulate lash hair growth. But patience is required as instant and immediate hair growth may not be observed. It takes a few weeks at least to boost the growth cycle. You may see the lashes growing well within a month but this needs to be consistent for three to four months to consider fuller, darker and voluminous lashes.

  1. Medicine should be applied Consistently

Some patients may think like they don’t need to apply the medicine anymore after they see the changes within a month. Seeing lashes grow is one side of the coin while observing the time it takes to get back to normal is another. Most patients taking Careprost reviews that the dosage should be continued as per the doctor’s guidance and should not quit once the result starts showing up.

  1. Rethink if you’re Pregnant

This medicine is not tested on pregnant women or during breastfeeding or lactation and hence it is not recommended to be used by women who are already pregnant or planning to be pregnant. Though the benefits of this medicine are cosmetic and may not have any serious side-effects, it is always better to be safe than sorry – they say!

Considering these few things will help you know the medicine that you are about to use or already using. It is thus obvious to get a prescription from the doctor before you buy Careprost amazon or eBay and start using it on your own.