What care should be taken while using Careprost?

What care should be taken while using Careprost?

Careprost Eye Drops have become widely popular in the market. They may be informally referred to as Bimatoprost Eye Drops. Available as Careprost 3 ML Drops, it contains Bimatoprost as the key ingredient of the medicine present as 0.03% in the solution.

Careprost is reportedly one of the best solutions for eye care among patients who suffer from open-angular glaucoma as well as intraocular hypertension.

A Brief on Open-Angular Glaucoma & Intraocular Hypertension

Open-angular Glaucoma

Open-angular glaucoma is a condition in which the drainage canals of the eyes become clogged over time, despite the intersection angle between iris and cornea being as wide and open as it should be. This ultimately increases the fluid pressure in the eyes and subsequently damages the optic nerve. The condition may get more sensitive and its progressive state may lead to vision loss. The fluid pressure can be reduced and a soothing sensation can be gifted to the eyes as you buy Careprost online as and when prescribed by the doctor.

Intraocular Hypertension

To be described in short, Intraocular hypertension is a problem of having thinner, lighter and less voluminous eyelashes. It is a natural phenomenon to have such form of eyelashes from the very beginning. This can be cured naturally using a topical ophthalmic form of Careprost. Careprost with Brush is utilized for this purpose & eyelash growth can be boosted like crazy and in just a few weeks.

How is Careprost Used?

As seen above, it is a dual-purpose medicine. It cures open-angular glaucoma as well as boosts the eyelash hair growth too. When used as eye-drops, it treats the former eye problem while in its topical ophthalmic form, it is used with an applicator brush to support eyelash hair growth.

It does not matter whether you use it for intraocular hypertension or open-angular glaucoma, this prostaglandin analog class of medicine needs to be handled carefully.

Care to be taken before using Careprost Eye Drops

Before using Careprost Eye Drops, the hands are required to be washed and wiped properly so that no bacteria are passed into the eyes while applying the medicine.

If the patient wears contact lenses, they are required to be removed before using this eye care medicine. Also, the eye makeup should be removed and cleaned to avoid side-effects of the medicine.

It is to be known that children below 16 years of age are not eligible to use this medicine, as well as the interaction of medicine for pregnant or breastfeeding women, may be different. Hence, it is required to consult the doctor first.

Care to be taken while applying Careprost Eye Drops

While using Careprost Bimatoprost Eye Drops for open-angular glaucoma, a drop or two of the medicine should be applied to the eyes by squeezing the bottle. Add the medicine to the inner corners of the eyes. Wipe off the extra liquid surrounding the eyes and keep it closed for the duration as guided by the doctor.

When using for inadequate eyelashes, apply the medicine using the brush applicator. The drops of Careprost with Brush should be applied on the upper eyelash base. Remember that it should not be used for lower eyelashes. The applicator brush should be discarded after using once.

Care to be taken after using Careprost Eye Drops

Once the medicine is applied for either purpose, the bottle should be closed well and the brush should be disposed of. To prevent the contamination of the liquid, the cap should be properly closed and the bottle should be stored in a cool place at a temperature below 25 degrees C. The entire bottle of Careprost Eye Drops or Lumigan Eye Drops should be disposed of after 4 weeks of opening it.

Hope you find this information helpful and will keep it in mind as you buy Careprost amazon or eBay next time.