Careprost (Bimatoprost Eye Drop)

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Careprost Information

With an active ingredient of Bimatoprost, Careprost Eye Drops are formulated to treat Glaucoma and Ocular Hypertension. Besides being a great solution for decreasing intraocular pressure, it works magic for lengthening of eyelashes. It boosts the growth phase of eyelashes and shortens the resting phase. You can buy Careprost online or in-stores as and when prescribed by the physician. Careprost Eye Drops is a medication for eye care for curing hypotrichosis of eyelashes i.e. inadequate eyelashes. It generally helps you in growing eyelashes to the fullest with longer, darker and thicker features which are generally desired. Women with thinner eyelashes seek treatment for improving the appearance of their eyelashes. Applying false mascara & beauty products are temporary alternatives. Careprost Eye Drops are a promising solution to enhance the beauty of their eyes safe and effectively achieved eyelashes. It is recommended to consult the doctor first before planning to buy Careprost or using any kind of medicine online.

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Careprost Eye Drop

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More Information About Careprost Eye Drop

Description about Careprost

Careprost Eye Drops treats two ways for you. The prostaglandin analog treats the increased intraocular hypertension i.e. the increased fluid pressure inside the eye and open-angle glaucoma i.e. a progressive state when the patient is prone to suffer from the vision loss. Secondly, the topical ophthalmic form of Careprost online cures the thinner eyelashes and boosts their growth. Please buy Careprost online only if you are above 16 years of age as this medicine is not recommended for the age below this.

Manufacturer Information


How Careprost Eye Drops Work?

Curing the increased fluid pressure in the eyes, it soothes the eyes by decreasing the production of aqueous humour (a fluid in our eye) which ultimately lowers the increased eye pressure. Also, it works to make your eyelashes grow faster by reducing the rest time of growth to help you achieve your dream eyelashes without making many efforts.

How to Use Careprost Eye Drops?

Please note that Careprost Eye Drops are for external use only. The dosage and duration should be considered as prescribed by the doctor. Check the label for more instructions and follow the directions of use as mentioned in the manual given inside the product. Make sure you hold the dropper closer to the eye without touching it. Squeeze the dropper gently and place the medicine inside the lower eyelid. Carefully wipe the extra liquid surrounding your eyes. Close your eyes for a few minutes as prescribed by the doctor.

Benefits of Using Careprost Eye Drops

Here are the benefits to Buy Careprost Online:

  1. Cures High Eye Pressure and lowers the risk of vision loss.
  2. Longer and thicker eyelashes can be achieved faster.

Side Effects

Following are the Careprost reviews on side effects:

  • Vision Loss or Blindness
  • Blurry Vision
  • Double Vision
  • Color change in Vision
  • Change in Eye Color
  • Eye discharge
  • Mild to severe Headache
  • Increasing Hair Growth
  • Burning or Itching sensation of eyes
  • Redness or irritation in the eyes
  • Swelling Eyes
  • Pain in the eyes


  • Not recommended to be used for patients allergic to Bimatoprost or any of the active ingredients used in the medicine.
  • Patients below 16 years of age are not eligible to use this medicine because of the safety and efficacy are not clinically established at this age.
  • Take off your contact lenses before using the medicine and wear them again after 15 to 20 minutes of taking the dose to avoid any kind of risks.
  • The medicine may cause brownish pigmentation of the Iris & this discoloration may be permanent.
  • In case of the bacterial contamination of the medicine, infection of the cornea may result. It is highly recommended to take all kind of hygienic precautions before using the medicine.
  • Never overdose Careprost Eye Drops. In case of a missed dose, take the next dose as scheduled. In case of overdose, immediately seek medical attention before any side effects show up.
  • Discuss the medicines with your doctor which you are already taking so you can get guidance whether or not this medicine will suit along with them.
  • Careprost may not be ideal during pregnancy as it may have adverse effects on the fetus. Sometimes it may be prescribed by the doctor despite pregnancy. Please read Careprost reviews carefully on this before using the product.
  • Careprost is generally considered to be safe during lactation as it causes no harm or risk to the baby while breastfeeding.
  • Driving is not recommended right after taking a dose of Careprost Eye Drops as it may cause blurring of vision for a few minutes. However, this blurring effect lasts only for a short time so choose to drive when your vision gets clear. One may choose to wash the eyes well before driving to avoid risk.
  • The interaction with smoking and alcohol is unknown so discuss your habits well with the doctor.

Where can I buy authentic Careprost Eye Drops in the US?

Once you plan for Careprost buy online USA, is an authentic source to buy at best prices. You get to buy genuine medicines only. So, be assured that no harm will be caused even if you buy Careprost Online. Medicines with valid dates of usage will be delivered to you so you can start using it without any delay, as prescribed. Please confirm Careprost online with your doctor and use after he approves your purchase so that no doubts or conflicts remain later.

Q/A aboout Careprost Eye Drop.

  1. Can I buy Careprost Online?

Yes, you may buy Careprost Online from authoritative sites after checking Careprost reviews. Search Google for Careprost amazon or Careprost eBay and see if your prescribed medicines are available.

  1. Should I take Careprost Eye Drops once or twice a Day?

Generally, one dose per day is advisable. The final dosage decision depends on the doctor’s prescription.

  1. What are the major side-effects observed?

Most patients get minor eye-itching while using the medicine but the side-effects may appear differently in different conditions. Consult the doctor immediately if any side-effects show up, as mentioned above.

  1. Should I take Careprost with or without Food?

You may take Careprost Eye Drops with or without Food, as prescribed by the doctor.

  1. Will this medicine treat my Glaucoma completely?

It is formulated to treat Glaucoma. However, the doctor should guide you on how it will affect you.

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